Rainy Days

So in North Carolina we are berated by all the northerners whenever it snows.  If you live in the mid-atlantic South where we get a snowstorm occasionally, you know what I am talking about.  They go on and on about how everyone acts like it is the end of days and buys out all the bread and milk and about how no-one knows how to dive on ice, and how funny it is that they shut down the schools.

Well, it is raining this morning, and nobody is at work.  Here it is almost 9:30, and I hear one person on my whole floor.  Also, on the way to work, some people have on snow galoshes, and the majority are soaking wet as though they have no bearing of how to handle a rainstorm.  I even saw one woman with a strange device that looked like a sun reflector from a car windshield wrapped around her hair!    I suppose the situation is best summed up with a SAT illustration:

Rain is to Yankees
Snow is to Southerners

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