Left Turns in the City


One thing that is different about driving in NYC is the way left turns work.  When you have a green light to turn left, the people crossing the street also have a walk sign.  These conflicting signs mean that usually to negotiate the turn the driver is sneaking between pedestrians.  It also means when a pedestrian walks off the curb at the same time as a moving car initiates the turn, it’s hard for the driver to see the pedestrian.

This scenario is just what happens to the young lady in the following article.  The worst part is it appears the driver isn’t even liable if they run you over in this scenario.


“Miller was taken to the hospital, where she spent the next two and a half weeks recovering from a broken leg, a banged-up arm, a concussion and a punctured lung. She’s still in physical therapy. The police report assigns no blame, saying only, “All traffic devices were obeyed.”

As always when walking in NYC be aware of your surroundings and take responsibility for your own safety when crossing.  It is a common sight to see a pedestrian with earbuds on completely ignoring traffic and just walking on lights.

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