NYT: Don’t worry about mass shootings!

I just read this NYT article,

which argues that gun legislation should not focus on keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill persons who are prone to violence.  The reason, they say, is that “mass shootings represent a small percentage of all gun violence”.

I have a problem with that, because while everybody who thinks for a moment knows mass shootings are rare, that is all anyone is concerned with!  Be honest with yourself; how concerned are you about the largest segment of gun murder:  Criminal on criminal crime?

How about we stop the ignorant rhetoric vs over-protection and talk some common sense.  These are the changes that would lower the risk of mass shooting events.

Stuff we should do

  • Increase liability for gun owners:  People who own guns should be responsible for storing them safely, and liable when they don’t.
  • Support “gun haven” behavior:  Responsible gun owners should take the initiative to remove guns from the environment when there is an unstable co-habitant.
  • Include mental health records in background checks:  They aren’t currently.  A doctor should be able to flag a person if they are emotionally unstable and violent, or are at risk of self harm.

Stuff we should stop doing

  • Creating victim zones:  Stop creating perfect shooting zones for bad guys such as arenas, schools, and churches.
  • Issuing rubber stamp concealed carry permits:  These programs should be a lot more strenuous, especially in western states.  I think a person permitted for concealed carry should be qualifying with the arm they plan to carry, and further, should require re-certification on a regular basis.  You should also be first aid qualified, for obvious reasons.
  • Creating barriers to lawful gun ownership: New York City charges people hundreds of dollars just to be able to keep a shotgun in their home.
  • Restricting magazine sizes:  When I shoot back, an attacker ducks regardless of the size of his magazine.

I am fed up with ridiculous claims by the gun lobby and the equally ridiculous claims by the anti-gunners.  It is time for common sense to prevail.  If you know of any like minded politicians, other than Rand Paul obviously, please let me know.

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