New Yorkers aren’t that Bad

Before I moved here I thought that anyone who was from here would epitomize all the caricatures we see on TV and film about New Yorkers.  Turns out, those characters are the exception, not the norm.  I have found the following about native NYC persons:

These folks are rare, and come in two forms.  One is the lucky rent control type, where they grew up in their grandparents rent controlled apartment, and pay like $600 a month.  The rent controlled ones are in my experience really nice people!  They don’t have a strong accent either.  The other kind are the privileged sort you would generally expect to have been born and raised in Manhattan.  These can range from blue bloods, that really do seem like they live on a higher plane and kind of won’t talk to you, to people who are so friendly and generous and make you love NYC.  I went to bible study last night in what I suspect was a couple on the good end of that latter category.  Beautiful place in Tribecca that the open up for college kids to have Bible study in.  They sometimes seem to have an accent that is distinct, but not one I really would have been able to place in New York had I heard it.

Long Islanders:
These folks can be down right … rural almost.  The ones that are really from here have kept moving further and further out it seems like, and they are used to a suburban semi rural kind of life.  Some of them have more in common with someone who lives in a suburb of Atlanta than a Manhattanite.  A lot of blue collar types, but a mix of everyone else too.

They keep getting pushed further and further out by gentrification at this point (meaning further from Manhattan).  Most of the natives I’ve met are African American, Italian, or Latino, and generally not very happy about Brooklyn being taken over by the new crowd, unless they bought property.  Still friendly and kind people.  They have a strong accent, probably the strongest I’ve heard.

There seem to be a TON of people born and raised here, but I think some of it is that there are so many projects here.  If you’ve ever wondered why Brooklyn is gentrifying and the Bronx isn’t, that’s why.

Tons of people born and raised here, and they are all over the map.  Queens is huge and diverse.



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